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Our Company Has Launched Several New Cat Litter Models

Article source: Max Pet Dec 06, 2022 View: 189

There are many types of cat litter on the market, and the prices vary. And cat litter is a daily necessities that shoveling officers must face every day. The quality of cat litter is directly related to the health of cats and the shoveling experience of shoveling officers. So, how to choose and buy cat litter is particularly important. Today, I will discuss how to choose cat litter, especially how to choose tofu cat litter and bentonite cat litter.


Bentonite Cat Litter

Bentonite cat litter is what we usually call clay litter, more common on the market, cost effective and absolutely great value, is a common choice for cat slaves.

The Advantages Of Bentonite Cat Litter

The bentonite cat litter has better agglomeration and strong odor-shielding properties. If you want to hide the smell, you need to cover all the poop. Small particles are definitely the most advantageous.

On the cleanup of bentonite cat litter, some users will ask, bentonite sand soaked in water is similar to the usual clay, so in the end can be poured directly into the toilet? I suggest that you must not, there may be some friends have tried, and did not block, however, this is just a fluke situation, some friends have encountered the degree of blockage can only remove the stool pipe.

Bentonite Cat Litter

Bentonite Cat Litter Details

Tofu Cat Litter

Tofu cat litter is a cat litter made of tofu residue, which is safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless, non-dusty and not easy to cause pollution.

The Advantages Of Tofu Cat Litter

1. Compared with bentonite cat litter and other cat litter, it is lighter.

2. Tofu cat litter is easier to dissolve in water. In most cases, it can be directly shoveled and thrown into the toilet.

Tofu Cat Litter

As a daily consumer product for cats, the amount of cat litter is still not too large, so it is recommended that you try to choose some good quality cat litter.

Finally, I would like to remind you that many people feel that the cat litter box can be cleaned every few days, which is not advisable, and we all know that cats are very hygienic animals. I suggest that you try to be more diligent, if possible, clean the litter box once a day, and thoroughly clean the litter box every week.

In the case of kittens, it is recommended that the kitten litter be thoroughly changed once every 2-3 days. If contaminated cat litter is used for a long time, it will easily lead to skin diseases in kittens. The cat litter is the place for kittens to defecate and urinate. In addition to cleaning 1-2 times a day, it is recommended to change the litter regularly. It is recommended to choose a litter that is less irritating, quick to absorb water and easy to clump. At the same time, it is best to have a cat litter without color. In addition, it is not recommended to change the litter for kittens at any time, because after the kitten has adapted to one type of litter, it is likely that it will not accept another type of litter for a short time.

The above is the introduction of MAX Pet two types of cat litter, for more information about cat litter and other tips, please continue to pay attention to MAX Pet.