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About preventing FUS

Article source: zhongjun Sep 22, 2022 View: 913

Alkaline substances such as gypsum contained in traditional cat litter may alkalize the cat's constitution, which is one of the causes of FUS cat's lower urinary tract syndrome. Therefore, it is recommended to use sawdust cat litter to reduce the risk (especially male cats).

1. Standard wood sand: made of pine wood, with a diameter of 6mm and a length of 1cm. It expands rapidly after encountering water, and reaches dryness within a few seconds. Saturated particles will be crushed into small particles with a diameter of about 1mm. According to the principle of up and down convection of large and small particles, small particles used after knocking or shaking the litter basin will sink, and large particles unused will rise and wait for use. Pick up the feces every day, and replace the whole basin with new sand after the particles are broken. There is no need to worry that the urine in the sawdust will smell. The high-tech treated wood can effectively lock water. The bactericidal effect of rosin can inhibit the breeding of bacteria and will not smell. It is similar to the method and steps of using crystal sand.

Safety: It is made of pure natural pine wood, sterilized under high pressure, without any additives or chemicals added, non-toxic, no side effects, and no harm even if the cat or family eats it by mistake.

Deodorization: Pine itself has a strong deodorization, and the deodorization is better after compression. Rosin in pine is a natural fungicide, which is the key to the preservation of ancient buildings for thousands of years.

Water absorption: Because pine sawdust is compressed, its water absorption is stronger, which is 2.3 times stronger than traditional cat litter.

Easy to clean: The fecal mass is dug with a sand shovel and can be washed away through the toilet. Granular sawdust becomes powder after absorbing water and is filtered by a mesh screen, which can be cleaned. If there is no mesh screen, the unused coarse particles can be raised and the powder sinks by shaking or shaking the litter basin.

Environmental protection: The raw material is pure natural pine, which can be directly flushed into the toilet or used as fertilizer, and can be decomposed in the natural environment. No mineral soil, no ash, keep the room clean.

Easy to clean: The product is sterilized under high pressure to remove loose oil stains. After absorbing water, it is slippery, does not touch feet, does not touch the body, and is very easy to wash.

2. Agglomeration type: In addition to the standard type characteristics, it is more like bentonite cat litter when it meets water. (containing rosin germicidal ingredients)

3. Enhanced activated carbon type: in addition to the standard type features, the activated carbon composition is added. As we all know, activated carbon can resist even toxic gas, so it's easy to smell urine. (containing rosin germicidal ingredients)

4. Grain extraction type: corn, wheat, rice and other grains are processed and refined to produce special yeast and enzymes, which can decompose the odor causing organic molecules in urine and feces, thus destroying the generation of odor in molecular structure. These yeasts and enzymes have no special taste, will not be detected by people and cats, and can achieve biological deodorization. The deodorized cat litter can be used in the basin for a longer time, generally twice as long. (containing rosin germicidal ingredients)