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Activated Carbon Tofu Cat Litter

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Item no: ZJ-001

Material: bentonite

Packaging: 5L/4kgs/plastic bag 6bags/sack 6252bags/2"FT

Scent: 0.1%


Note: 5colors printed plastic bag(MOQ12000PCS)

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Product Details

Activated Carbon Tofu Cat Litter

Tofu Cat Litter

Knot deodorization, refuse dust.

Physical deodorization, does not contain chemical flavor, add antibacterial factors and activated carbon components, long-term inhibition of bacterial reproduction, at the same time can quickly absorb odor, ensure fresh air, suitable for small space cat breeding.

Tofu Cat Litter Advantages:

* Tofu cat litter material environmental protection

Tofu cat litter is mainly made from natural tofu residue, and its ingredients are relatively environmentally friendly. Compared to chemical cat litter, it is relatively safe. Even if you eat it, it won't have any effect.

* Light texture, easy handling

Tofu cat litter is relatively light in texture compared to regular puffy cat litter. When replacing and cleaning cat litter, there is no need to worry about it falling on the ground because it is too heavy. Especially suitable for female shovelers.

* Soluble in water, easy to clean

Tofu cat litter is water soluble, can be cleaned directly into the toilet flush, can not accumulate dirty cat litter, and then throw away downstairs. It is relatively convenient.

* It can be mixed with other cat litter

Tofu litter can be used with other cat litter, such as bentonite litter, corn litter, etc.

Tofu litter is a good kind of litter, especially for newborn kittens.

Product Parameter

 Main Material

  Fresh tofu or plant fiber

 Accessory Material

 coffee bean,green tea,honey peach,active carbon



 Diameter: 1.0mm ,1.5mm,2.0mm ,3.0mm



 Dust rate


 Inner Packing

 5L or 10L and 25Lor customized

Specification of Tofu Cat Litter

  • Activated Carbon Tofu Cat Litter

    Safe Natural Raw Material,Safe And Eco-Friendly, Without Any Harmful Chemical Components. Don't Be Afraid Of Cat Eating. Go Through Four Dust Removal Processes, The Dust Is Extremely Low. Strong Clumping, Easy To Scoop, Flushable, It Is Plant Eco-Friendly Cat Litter. 

  • Tofu Cat Litter For Sale

    1、Effective And Multiple Times Fast Absorption

    2、Four Times Absorption, Fast Clumping

    3、Less Consumption, No Stick At The Bottom, Strongly Wrapped Excrement

    4、After Twice High Temperature Drying, Cat Litter Is Filtrated Four Times, Leaving The Most Comfortable Particles For Cats After Many Tests.

  • Tofu Cat Litter Supply

    Tofu Residue Contains Full Of Flavonoid, Which Can Effectively Decompose Excrement Odor, Help To Eliminate Odor And Maintain Fresh Air.

  • Water Soluble Tofu Cat Litter

    Soluble In Water, Can Flush The Toilet, Simple And Convenient.

Tofu cat litter dissolved in water, can be directly poured into the toilet:

Water Soluble Tofu Cat Litter

Application Method of Tofu Cat Litter

Application Method of Tofu Cat Litter

Factory profile

Liaoning zhongjun international trade co.,Ltd is a  factory specializing in the production of cat litter and other pet supplies.We founded in 2007,we have 16 years experience.  Our factory is located in the grassland of Inner Mongolia, with beautiful environment and convenient transportation.  Our factory has a history of more than 10 years.  Our main products include cat litter, pet toilets, pet feeders, pet cages, cat toys, Pet food, etc.

Our products are exported to dozens of countries and regions such as the European Union, the United States, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia and so on.

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