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How To Help Cats Stay Safe Through Winter?

Article source: Max Pet Nov 11, 2022 View: 234

Pay Attention To Indoor Cleanliness And Temperature Differences

If the owner likes to turn on the air conditioner for heating at home, it is best to clean the air conditioner before use, so as to avoid dust mites that cause upper respiratory tract diseases in cats. 

cute cat

When turning on the air conditioner for heating, you should also pay attention to the temperature difference between different rooms not too large, so as not to cause the cat to catch cold and catch a cold due to the alternation of cold and heat.

do not keep cat under air condition

Try Not To Take Cats Out In Winter

Try not to take cats out in winter, it is safer and warmer to stay indoors. If you have to go out, keep your cat warm. You can wrap the cat with a blanket, choose a windproof canvas pet bag, put a blanket inside the canvas pet bag, etc., and reduce the time spent outdoors.

keep in the canvas pet bag

Make The Pet House Warm

It is very important to prepare a warm pet house for the cat in winter. You can lay a warm blanket in the cat house and put it in the warmest place in the pet house, so as to give the cat a warm winter. If the cat likes to run to bed, be careful not to let the cat hide in the bed for a long time.

pet house

Pay Attention To Heating Safety

If the owner uses an electric heater for heating at home, you should pay attention. The cat is not very sensitive to temperature. When the cat thinks it is hot, the hair may have been burnt. When using the stove, do not let the cat get too close, and must be accompanied by someone, when leaving, be sure to turn off the power, otherwise you will see a burnt cat.

keep cat away from electrical heating

Wearing Clothes Or Not

Do not dress the cat for a long time, it will make the cat feel restrained, restrict the cat's activities, and cause the cat to feel anxious because the cat cannot lick the cat. Cats have their own body temperature regulation function, so in winter, you only need to dress thin, freshly shaved and yet to grow hair, living in particularly cold areas, as well as hairless cats, curly cats and other cats.

cat clothes

Pay Attention To The Temperature Of The Water And Pet Wet Food

Because the smell increases when the food is heated, most cats like to eat warm food. Generally cats like a temperature of about 35°C, so pet owners can heat the cat's drinking water and wet food to a suitable temperature, but dry food does not need to be heated.

cat wet food

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