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Let Us Know Several Kinds Of Cats Today

Article source: Dec 02, 2022 View: 188

1.British Shorthair
The British shorthair cat has a thick body, a full and broad chest, thick legs, short to medium length, rounded paws, a thick base of the tail, and a blunt and rounded tip. The head is round, the distance between the two ears is wide, the cheeks are round, the chin is strong, the ears are medium in size, the big round eyes are wide open, and the nose is moderate in width. The coat is short and very dense.

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British Shorthair

Ragdoll cat is a large long-haired cat with a large head but not round, but wedge-shaped, and the top of the head between the two ears is flat. The "Dan Fengyan" in the cat's eyes has a slight depression on the nose; the chin is in a straight line with the upper lip and nose. Ragdoll cats are long and muscular, with shorter forelimbs than hindlimbs; relatively large and round feet in proportion to the body fluffy tail.

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3.Dragon Li
Among the Chinese pastoral cats, the raccoon cat is the most representative. First of all, it gives people a sense of majesty and majesty, no matter whether it is a male cat or a female cat. The hair is short and thick, without thick and dense undercoat. The body is strong and well-proportioned, muscular, with a sense of movement. The limbs are of moderate length, strong, powerful and agile. Tail length slightly shorter than body length. The eyes are large, the forehead and mandible are sharp and angular, but the resistance to disease and cold is poor. The nose is long and straight, that is, the darker the color of the nose tip, the more distinct the stripes on the body.

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Dragon Li

4.American Shorthair
There are more than 80 colors and stripes of American shorthair cats, and the length of the tail is equal to the length from the shoulder to the base of the tail. The head is large, the cheeks are full, the ears are medium in size, with slightly rounded tips, and the distance between the two ears is twice the distance between the eyes. The forehead is smooth and well protruding on top of the head, the eyes are large and round, bright, clear and alert. The nose is of medium length, the jaws are strong, the jaws are strong, the neck is of medium length, strong and muscular. The legs are strong, the claws are round and have thick pads. The back coat is short, thick, uniform, and hard in texture.

American Shorthair

5.Exotic Shorthair
The first impression of exotic short-haired cats is strong bones, soft and sweet expression, and round lines. Eyes large, round, set wide above the head. Emphasize the spherical appearance.

Exotic Shorthair

The head of Persian cat is round and big, the skull is very wide and the cheeks are plump; the ears are small and the ears are round, the eyes are big and round, and the eyes are bright; the nose is short, flat and broad; Therefore, it is also called a first-line cat; the chin is full, strong and round; the limbs are short and thick; the soles are strong, and the coat color can be roughly divided into five major colors, nearly 88 kinds of coat colors


Siamese cats are world-famous short-haired cat breeds. They are of medium size, weighing between 2.5-5.5kg, with an equilateral triangle head; large and sensitive ears; small and oval feet, long and pointed tail , point-colored at the end; coat short and slender; eyes medium-sized almond-shaped; nasal tube long and straight; limbs long and slender; body hair uniform and single color.


8.Canadian Hairless
The Sphinx cat has a strange body shape, strong body, well-developed muscles, deep chest, hunchback, and compact abdomen. The limbs are slender, the bones are slender, and the hind limbs are longer than the forelimbs. The head is wide and wedge-shaped, with prominent cheekbones; lemon-shaped eyes, large and slightly protruding, with orange color. The tail is thin and long like a mouse, curved and upturned like a long whip. The whole body is hairless and needless. slender limbs, slender bones.

Canadian Hairless

9.Scottish Fold
The Scottish Fold cat has its ears neatly buckled on its head. It is medium-sized, round, and weighs 2.5 to 6 kg. It has medium bones and strong muscles. Limbs short, stout, fat, round.

Scottish Fold

10.Russian Blue
Russian blue cat has a slender and elegant body with a slightly oriental flavor, strong bones, simple and gorgeous coat; short hair, with a velvety texture and feel, the inner fluff can resist severe cold, gray, blue-gray, looks like mink It has a silver-gray luster like skin, so it is called Russian blue cat. Head short and wedge-shaped with straight lines; skull and forehead flattened; muzzle of medium length; straight bridge of nose without nasal break; powerful jaw. The legs are long and finely boned, the claws are small and round, and oval in shape; the eyes are large, well spaced, almond-shaped, and slightly slanted. The color is vivid green, and the eyes in the kittens range from yellow to green, and the final color is not set until 1 year old.

Russian Blue

Chinchilla cat has a round, thick and strong head with a round chin. Viewed from the side, the front of the eyes is on a vertical line with the forehead, nose and jaw. The body has the shape of a pony, with short and thick limbs, a broad chest, a round and strong body, well-developed muscles, and no obvious excess fat. The back coat is long and thick, the collar is very large, the hair on the ears and toes is very long, and the tail is very thick. There are four main colors: Silver Chinchilla, Silver Shadow Chinchilla, Gold Chinchilla, and Gold Shadow Chinchilla.

Russian Blue

Birman cats are strong in body and head, with stubby limbs and a narrow face. The coat color of the torso is light golden yellow, which contrasts with the color of the face, ears, head and tail. The palms and toes are large and round, with strong grip, short and powerful claws, white claws, like wearing white gloves. The eyes are round and big, and the hair is long and thick.


13.Egyptian Mau
There are many kinds of markings on each part of the Egyptian cat's body, which is its biggest feature. An "M" shaped pattern on the forehead and pattern on the cheeks is a typical Egyptian cat. There are thin lines on the neck, wide stripes on the shoulders, spotted patterns on the back of the shoulders, broken necklace patterns on the throat, irregularly distributed color spots on the body, and tail The color of the upper hair is slightly darker, and the pattern of the limbs is horizontal stripes.

Egyptian Mau

14.Siberian SibirskayaKoshka
Siberian forest cats have distinct spotted tabbies in the white area of the coat. Its traditional color is golden tabby. The eye color of traditional adult cats is green to yellow, while the color point Siberian cat has blue eyes, a very large and compact body, stout and heavy, weighing about 4.5 to 9 kg, with a rounded outline and a flat top of the head. The snout is round, the head is rounder than that of the Norwegian Forest Cat, and the limbs are moderately long, round, thick and muscular.

Siberian SibirskayaKoshka

15.Singapura Kucinta
The first morphological feature of the Singaporean cat is its petite body, weighing no more than 3kg, with a round head and M-shaped markings on the forehead; almond-shaped eyes, which are hazelnut-colored, green or yellow; large ears with thicker roots Broad; short nose; hair of ancient ivory ground and tipped in dark brown (dark brown agouti markings), glossy and docile. The first impression is that it looks like a rabbit.

Singapura Kucinta

Many people mistake Ocicats for leopard cats, but in fact Ocicats are somewhat similar to leopard cats. Body strong, somewhat long, full and deep without being bulky, giving an athletic appearance with strong bones and well developed muscles. The head is wedge-shaped, the beard is not seriously bent, the arched neck, the ears are sensitive, of medium size, the large almond-shaped eyes, the mouth and nose should be broad and slightly square.


17.Tabby Cat
Tabby cats have a round head with broad ears and rounded tips. The cheeks are broad, the eyes are large and bright, round almond-shaped, yellow, gold to green in color, usually with eyeliner. The nose is brick red with a nose line. The tabby cat has a moderate body shape, moderate length of limbs and tail, strong and powerful, strong sense of muscle and excellent sense of balance. The back hair can be divided into long hair and short hair, because it resembles the markings of wild civet.

Tabby Cat

Garfield is an exotic short-haired cat that looks like a Persian cat. Its hair is short, thick and fluffy. It has strong bones, a round body, round eyes, a wide distance between the eyes, a short and thick neck, and a short neck. Nose, broad and powerful jaw, strong jaw. Thin round ears, large, round and strong claws, short tail in proportion to the body.