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The Future Design Of Intelligent Cat Litter Boxes

Article source: Jan 05, 2023 View: 155

Design Purpose Of Intelligent Cat Litter Box

The intelligent self-cleaning cat litter box combined with the automated device solves the problems of heavy odor and unhygienic litter caused by litter boxes that are not cleaned for various reasons, and the self-cleaning litter box also provides a degree of convenience for pet owners in cleaning and adding litter.

The product is also suitable for families with multiple cats. The litter box will self-clean after each use to ensure that the equipment is clean and tidy when the next cat uses it. Create a safer, more comfortable and hygienic environment for pet-owning families.

Design Content Of Intelligent Litter Box

The equipment composition: The intelligent self-cleaning cat litter box consists of a litter box, two sieve plates, a trash can and a control panel, as shown in Figure 1.


The intelligent self-cleaning cat litter box

The intelligent self-cleaning cat litter box is a hemispherical open chamber with contains two vertical sieve plates with activated carbon content (one with dense small The interior of the litter box is a hemispherical open chamber with two vertical sieves with activated carbon (one with dense small holes and one with only one circular hole) and a convenient external operating panel and LED light. The lower part of the sphere is connected to a drawer with a pull-out waste bin.The parts can be disassembled at any time for easy cleaning.

Technology: The equipment uses an infrared temperature sensing system, with an infrared sensor installed at the top of the entrance and exit of the spherical chamber. As long as the pet's body temperature is above absolute zero, its internal thermal movement will continuously radiate electromagnetic waves in all directions, including infrared waves in the band of 0.75μm to 100μm, so it can detect whether the pet is within the infrared sensing range. This ensures the safety of pets.

The equipment also uses a weight sensing system. Two weight sensors are installed under the hemisphere containing the cat litter and under the garbage can. The main function is to monitor the weight of the litter and garbage can contents. Adding weight to the sensors causes a deformation of the surface and a change in the shape of the built-in resistor, which brings about a change in the resistance value, resulting in a change in the internal current and a corresponding electrical signal, which is processed to a specific number. When the cat has used the litter box and the amount of litter exceeds the preset value or the weight ratio of litter is lower than the preset value, the LED will light up to prompt the pet owner to dispose of the litter in time.

Self-cleaning process: When the infrared detects the cat leaving the intelligent cat litter box, the equipment will start a self-cleaning mode. The spherical open chamber will slowly rotate from left to right, and the litter will slide down to the sieve plate with holes and fall down into the storage space under the sieve plate, while the larger clumps will be left to slide down to the second sieve plate and fall into the litter box through the large holes in the sieve plate along a special channel. The space under the sieve plate is separated by a partition and is not interconnected. After the clumps have fallen into the bin, the unit slowly turns back from right to left and the litter returns to the litter tray through the screen. This completes the cleaning process.

Features Of Intelligent Litter Box

(1) The intelligent cat litter box uses infrared sensor system to ensure the safety of pets. If there is a pet in the equipment or in the import and export position has not left, infrared temperature sensor senses the presence of pets will send a signal will not start the equipment's self-cleaning rotary movement. At the same time, the equipment uses a weight-sensing system to remind pet owners to empty the garbage can or add cat litter in a timely manner.

(2) The inner wall of the spherical cavity can be embedded with some activated carbon packets, both aesthetically pleasing and to minimize the generation of odors and bacteria, increasing the comfort of pet use and creating a comfortable and hygienic environment for pet owners and pets.

(3) The interior of the hemispherical chamber is coated with Teflon to reduce clumps sticking to the ball wall and affecting the cleaning effect.

(4) The intelligent cat litter box uses LED technology, different lights will indicate different content. For example, a yellow light indicates that the garbage can is full, a green light indicates that the weight of the litter is not enough, and a red light indicates that the device is otherwise malfunctioning.

The intelligent cat litter box is designed to combine automation technology with ordinary cat litter box to explore how to better integrate automation technology with the pet industry, and in the future, it can also be combined with the Internet to establish a pet health monitoring database in order to bring pet owners and pets an efficient and convenient life.