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Characteristics of cat food

Article source: zhongjun Sep 22, 2022 View: 678

Cat food is economical, convenient and relatively nutritious. Cat food can be roughly divided into three types: dry, canned and half cooked. Dry cat food is a comprehensive food containing essential nutrients. It has rich taste and can also play a role in cleaning and protecting teeth.

The price of cat food can be divided into many kinds. The effect of natural food is relatively better and it is easy to preserve. Therefore, if conditions permit, try to focus on this kind of food. Clean drinking water must be placed beside the dry food of the cat; Some people think that cats do not drink, which is wrong.

Canned cat food made of high-grade raw materials such as shrimp and fish has a wide variety, is easy to select and tastes delicious, so it is more popular with cats than dry food. Some cans can be used as staple food cans, and some cans, such as most day cans, belong to the category of snack cans, which may cause nutritional imbalance as staple food. Canned food should not be mixed with dry food. It is harmful to teeth and should be eaten separately. Canned food is convenient for long-term preservation, but it is easy to deteriorate after opening.

Semi cooked food is between food and canned food, suitable for old cats.

Some good quality cat food will be added with taurine. Taurine, an amino acid, cannot be synthesized in cats, and can only be obtained by catching mice. Cats, as pets, have no conditions for catching mice. The lack of this amino acid will affect the night vision ability of cats, so it is necessary to use good quality cat food.