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Cat Scratching Posts, Cat Scratchers for Indoor Cats

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Material: Cardboard / Sisal / Plush

Size(cm): 49*39*52

Carton(cm): 52*11*46

Neight Weight: 2.4KG

Gross Weight: 2.95KG

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Product Details
  • Cat Scratchers for Indoor Cats
    With the characteristics of easy installation, firm and stable structure, the cat scratcher is not easy to collapse. it not only provides extra play fun for cats, but also exercises them and grinding their claws, so there are more time for you to to enjoy.
  • Cat Scratching Posts
    Made of high quality plush and sisal materials, the cat scratcher is soft, cozy and safe to pets' health.
  • Cat Scratcher for sale
    Natural Sisal -Kitten scratching post using high-quality natural sisal rope, tough and scratch-resistant, to meet the cat's scratching nature and keep the cat's nails healthy.