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Cat Tree Cat Tower for Kittens Pet House Play

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Material: Velvet/Plywood/Sisal

Size(cm): 60*48*146

Carton(cm): 67*26*50.5

Neight Weight: 12.95KG

Gross Weight: 13.95KG

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Product Details
  • Cat Tree for Kittens
    Individual cat feeding bowl:
    Kittens are proud and cleanliness, a individual feeding bowl set up at a high place avoid the doggie’s disturb when cats are eating. It can also makes the cat feel respected
  • Pet House for Kittens
    Stability :
    Reinforced cat climbing frame base, sisal wrapped scratch posts and Anti-toppling devices ensures the security of active kittens and cats playing on the activity centre
  • Cat Tree exporter
    Ideal design of structure:
    Structure of the cat tree is designed according the climbing habits of cats.
  • Cat Tree wholesaler
    Lazy cats favorite basket:
    Cats naturally like the feeling of being wrapped , which makes them feel safe, therefore a hanging basket are always necessary