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Key points for purchasing cat food

Article source: zhongjun Sep 22, 2022 View: 185

The first is chicken by-products. The second, third and fourth are shells, the third and fourth are corns, and the fifth is cellulose. Such ingredients are not cheap. After all, the money is spent there, which of course fattens the producers.

FAT fat in ingredients

1. Fat must indicate what kind of animal/poultry (such as chicken fat and tallow) it is. If only animal fat and poultry fat are indicated, do not think about it if it is out of the market.

2. In addition to animal/poultry fat, some cat food producers will use vegetable oil. Vegetable oil with good quality and good for cat health is also a good choice.

Look at the preservatives in the ingredients

1. If the preservative is BHA, BHT or ETHOXYQUIN, and OUT is out of the market, never consider it (BHA/BHT's safety report on animals is still insufficient, and even veterinarians do not recommend the use of this preservative. As for ETHOZYQUIN, this preservative has been prohibited from being used in human food, and you will give it to your cat)

2. Try to buy dry cat food with natural preservatives, such as vitamin C, E, rosemary oil, etc.

3. Some ingredients, such as fish pieces and some ingredients mixed with vitamins and minerals, need to be treated separately for antisepsis. Many ingredients mixed with vitamins and minerals use chemical preservatives, so the list of ingredients may include more than one kind of preservatives, so you should be careful to see it clearly.

Nutritional analysis

Basically, each brand of different cat food has different nutrition proportion, even the nutrition proportion of the same brand of adult cat food and young cat food is different. Before purchasing, you should know about your cat's physical condition before making a choice. For example, your cat is thin and weak, so you can choose some cat food with a higher proportion of protein (PROTEIN) and fat (FAT) (but not beyond the range).

Special needs

1. Each cat has different physical conditions, and some cats may have special needs (such as cat food in the veterinary prescription series). When purchasing cat food, you need to take it into consideration.

2. As cat food becomes more and more diversified, no matter whether you (your cat) have such needs (such as anti urine stone, anti dental stone, anti sensitivity.