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Feeding methods for cats

Article source: zhongjun Sep 22, 2022 View: 188

Cats should be fed until they are four weeks old. (It is better to eat breast milk until the full moon. In some countries such as the United States, cats are recommended to eat breast milk with them within 2 to 3 months.)

After the fourth week, mix the cat milk and a little canned cat food in a shallow plate and heat it to a slight temperature (it only takes a few seconds if it is heated in a microwave oven, and stir it evenly after heating, because the microwave oven is not evenly heated). Let them try and get used to the taste of canned cat food, and slowly they will eat from the basin. Gradually reduce cat milk and increase canned cat.

After a week, you can add dry cat food soaked in warm water to the basin, gradually stop adding cat milk to the bowl, and reduce the cat milk in the bottle until there is no cat milk.

By the time the kittens are six weeks old, they should eat their own kitten food and drink water from the bowl.

The whole process should be carried out in an orderly manner. Don't worry too much. (Don't use too large cat food bowl for kittens. Experience has proved that kittens often use the too large cat food bowl as a cat toilet, defecate or urinate in it, or eat directly in the cat food bowl.)

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