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Learn About It? 15 Interesting Pet Knowledge Will Open Your Eyes

Article source: Max Pet Nov 29, 2022 View: 224

Pets have been an integral part of our lives for a long time. But pet owners who accompany their pets every day, do you know these surprising little knowledge?

1. The Dog Curls Up To Sleep

The Dog Curls Up To Sleep

In fact, this is a manifestation of the dog's instinct. Curling up to sleep can better keep warm and protect itself.

In winter, the owner can prepare a heated dog house mat for the dog, which can effectively prevent the dog from getting sick due to low temperature.

2. Dog’s Biological Clock

Dog’s Biological Clock 

Dogs really have a biological clock, so they can fix when to eat, when to take a walk, and when to urinate.

3. Cat's Ears

Cat's Ears

I don’t know if you have noticed that the cat’s ears can rotate 180 degrees.

4.Rabbit Licks Paws

Rabbit Licks Paws

I believe everyone has seen rabbits licking their paws. In fact, this action has the same effect as cats licking their paws. They are all for cleaning themselves.

5. Petting a Dog 

Petting a Dog

Most pet owners only know that petting a dog is a manifestation of loving a dog. Few people probably know that petting a puppy can actually help them lower blood pressure.

6. The Meow Of The Cat

The Meow Of The Cat

Only kittens can meow to communicate with other cats. When the cat grows up, its meow is entirely for communication with the owner.

7. What Are The Benefits Of Raising a Cat?

Raising a Cat

According to scientific studies, owning a cat can reduce a person's chances of stroke and heart disease by a third. You didn't expect kittens to have such functions, so why don't you hurry up and get one.

8. Benefits Of Walking The Dog

Walking The Dog

A survey shows that when you are with a dog and you ask a girl for her phone number, the success rate increases by more than three times, because very few girls can refuse a cute dog.

9. Dogs' Sense Of Smell

Dogs' Sense Of Smell

Maybe everyone knows that dogs have a very sensitive sense of smell, but we don't know how powerful the dog's sense of smell is. Dogs can actually be trained to detect certain diseases, such as cancer, in human patients by sniffing the metabolic waste products released by cells.

10. Cats Use Their Claws Habitually

Cats Use Their Claws Habitually

Female cats tend to use the right paw, while male cats tend to use the left paw. Did you know?

At the free time, you could prepare cat tower for them to exercise their climbing ability.

11. Rabbit's teeth

Rabbit's teeth

Rabbits' teeth never stop growing, so offering your rabbit some tough plant foods now and then will help wear down the teeth.

12. Rats Are Ticklish

Rats Are Ticklish

You never thought, when you tickle the mouse, the mouse will really laugh.

13. Dogs Really Know How To Be Jealous

Dogs Really Know How To Be Jealous

Research at UC San Diego claims that dogs are genuinely jealous when their owners show affection for other animals.

So the owner could prepare some dog chew toys for them to relieve their jealousy,

14. Cat’s Sleep

Cat’s Sleep

We see cats sleeping all the time, but it is quite normal. A cat spends about 70% of its life on sleeping, and can sleep up to 16 hours a day.

You could purchase wooden cat house for them to have a good sleep.

15. When Rabbits Are Happy

When Rabbits Are Happy,they love to hop and twist in the air.

The happy bunny loves to hop and twist in the air.

How much do you know about these things?